2012 -> KIAMAT -> 2013

Happy New Year 2013 wallpaper 05

From the beginning of the year calculations made by European nations to date, perhaps 2012 is the year of the most easily remembered by all humans on earth and of course for myself. I think, in 2012 it was a very unusual year for the trip of my life. Not just be the year that I graduated from high school and leave all the memories of childhood, but also be the year that I started to transition into adult-minded person. The year 2012 was also a very memorable year for my love of travel and especially to all the people in Indonesia, a lot of new language and new customs that we find in the world of communication, especially in people of Indonesia, for example, just the language and writing 4L4Y (read; Alay) and also Galau. Unique languages ​​that had been there a long time but only in 2012 was unique languages ​​began to be used by many people and became one of the principal languages ​​to convey a special message a bit tricky when it should be described by words. Here are some examples of the language used in the Alay conversational language and also those who are troubled.

Language of the Alay:
H4y cH3mU4nY4h, PH4 kH4b4r.


Language of the person being Galau:
If you are here, I certainly would not feel sad like this.

Kata Kata Galau

Actually there are many more examples and also the types of unique language, even not just the language alone is used, but the attitude and lifestyle also have started a culture of Indonesian society. For example, it is the attitude that has troubled start together with the lives of people in Indonesia. Attitudes confusion will be able to know when someone gets a problem, for example, it was decided girlfriend. * The more troubled forbidden to read this.
Back again to the problem
Just now I’ve explained some of the unique language and behavior in 2012. But wait, there is one thing that should not be abandoned in 2012 when we discussed this, the apocalypse.

What’s up with the apocalypse?


The question is quite nice, and seemed very nice to be made as a movie, if there used to be a movie title, Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (2001), it seems like now there will be a new film titled, What’s the apocalypse.
From the first question everyone always “Ada Apa Dengan Kiamat? “, And until now there are still many who question it. But it all changed when FIRE NATION ATTACK one scientist from the United States of trying to interpret the Mayan calendar and found that the apocalypse will happen on December 21, 2012, despite predictions that the Ancient Mayans left not right. The Maya themselves argue that the forecasts contained in the calendar of their ancestors that is true but the end of the world is not the end as we know so far, but the turnover time of the start times back.
December 21, 2012 end date have been overlooked, and all the people in the world who used to believe in the Mayan prophecy was pleased that doomsday did not happen on that date except me and the people who still revere their holy book. But there is one thing that I fear when all who believe in the Resurrection was celebrated on December 21, 2012, the December 31, 2012 or better known as the “Preparation of New Year’s Eve”. I am not afraid of the atmosphere that night, but one of the ceremony (read: habit) the people on the eve of the New Year, many people are adding their sins anymore plus it blowing horns at night. It blew the trumpet was not against the rules and norms (except during events and circumstances), but I fear that when all people in the world blowing trumpets at the same time and not just people who celebrate by blowing the trumpet turn out. The worst thing for me, and probably others that when all people in the world and the turn of the year blowing his horns Israfil ANGELS (ANGEL of the doom’s day) PARTICIPATE beloved blowing horns, and at that time of the year 2012 to 2013 will be the turn of the year incredible intense, coupled with the atmosphere of the fireworks that suddenly appear without stopping from the bowels of the earth. It’s incredible is not great.



Coming soon, Indonesian Language

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